Small changes.
ig improvements.

See all the new features you can gain in our new product update.


What’s new at a glance


No more digging

Explore an easier way to interact with the app. No more digging for the features. Everything is right there for you.

  • Map view displays cleaner visibility for increased devices that are in close proximities.
  • Recent searches are now saved in your history so you never have to go looking again.

No more typing

Access a new camera scanner to quickly find your device on the app –by simply scanning the barcode on the back of your device.


Enhanced Time Machine

Now you can see the 24-hour shift in one session. Select a Time Machine window that starts on one day and ends on the next one.


Battery visibility

Know exactly when it's plugged in. And what the available life is. All asset trackers now show the battery level or the charging status on your tracker card.

All new Mobile App layout

Move faster thanks to our new mobile app layout.

A new bottom nav bar for easier searching. With shortcuts to Live Tracking, Time Machine, Activities, Search, and the Menu.

The app menu has gone from a sidebar to a full-page menu. With shortcuts to searching and scanning, and a tracker carousel.

App displays are now square tiles with descriptions for a better experience. 'Preferences' and 'Help' now have their own sections too.

Camera scanner

Be more productive with our new camera scanner –built to make your life easier.

Scan QR and barcodes to quickly search and access items in the app. Easily find trackers via barcodes, or scan QR codes with search terms to find what you’re looking for. All without typing –only scanning.

Rename trackers –Now 40% faster. Simply let the new camera scanner write a new tracker name for you.

More devices. Better visibility

Always know where your trackers are. And find them a lot easier.

Live tracking map clustering
Get a better view of your trackers in real-time. Map clustering allows the navigation and map view to become much cleaner so you can quickly and easily see where everything is.

Automated tracker lists
The tracker lists –located at the bottom of the live tracking tab –will now change automatically based on the trackers the user has on the map. And as you zoom, the list changes, so you can see exactly how many devices are in one area.

Search and shortcuts
Search bars are now on every list of trackers in the app. Only on accounts with 50+ trackers –this may be reduced based on usage output. Shortcuts to Select All and Select None have also been added.

24-hour window in Time Machine

Users will now be able to select a 24-hour Time Machine window that starts on one day and ends on the next one. Making it much easier for those who work midnight shifts.

Position Snapshot. Now available in Live Tracking

Position Snapshot can now be opened in Live Tracking when you tap on a tracker card. Previously only available in Time Machine.

More features & improvements

Show charging status in tracker cards

See charging status on your mobile tracker cards so you know if and when it’s charging or plugged into a battery source.

Show or hide password in login

We’ve now added a button to show and hide the password on the login screen.